What's new in Clutch Pre-Workout?

What's new in Clutch Pre-Workout?

Introducing: Clutch Pre-Workout.

So why did we change the formula from Edge Peak Pre-workout?

At EFP, we are firm believers in blissful dissatisfaction - the feeling of being happy but not satisfied, always looking for ways to improve. We've had incredible feedback from version 1 of our pre-workout, but we saw an opportunity to make it even better. 

A quick guide to what's different:


Increased Citrulline-Malate 2:1 to 8g per serving. This ingredient is widely considered to be the best pre-workout ingredient in the market. With an added 1g, you'll notice increased blood flow, power output and PUMP.

Added a new ingredient,  PeakO2®. This new, patented ingredient has shown massive benefits in endurance and power output. Studies have shown an increased time to exhaustion, helping you train longer and harder.

Decreased Beta-Alanine to 1g to eliminate the tingling sensation felt at higher dosages. This change, along with the added  PeakO2® are designed to give you the best endurance boost possible, all without the uncomfortable feeling of your skin tingling. 

In short, we introduced these changes to help improve your overall performance in your workouts. You should notice increased endurance and power output, along with more comfort with the elimination of the tingling from Beta-Alanine.

We will always look for ways to improve to help deliver you the best supplements possible for improving your performance. Whether you're an average Joe, a Powerlifter or a CrossFitter, we are here to help you reach your utmost potential. 

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