Creatine: Everything you need to know.

Creatine: Everything you need to know.

EDGE Fitness Performance Creatine Monohydrate

  • I remember the high school days overhearing many contradicting statements about creatine. From "It's like steroids except legal!" to "It makes you fat and kills your liver!". I never understood why there was this preconceived notion that creatine was bad for you - so I did the research.
  • If you've seen our pre-workout, you probably already know what my research led me to - we feature 3g of creatine monohydrate in our formula. Yes, over and over again my research led me to the notion that creatine is...well, awesome. Used by countless Olympic champions, elite athletes and.. me, I can assuredly tell you that if you aren't supplementing creatine, you are missing out on your full potential.
  • There are many supplements today that don't have much research behind their benefits or negative side effects - creatine does NOT fall into this category. Creatine is one of the most widely researched and used supplements in the world - I recommend you do follow up research for yourself to see all of the studies that reinforce my findings. Now, lets get to the benefits!

What are the benefits of creatine monohydrate?

  • Creatine increases power output as well or better than almost any other supplement - studies have shown increases in power output of 12% all the way up to 26% when individuals supplement creatine monohydrate with a weight training program.
  • Increased hydration/water retention. Wait - don't be alarmed - yes, you will likely see a weight increase but it will be good weight. Your body is made up of around 80% water (you read that correctly!) and this water will go to good use - in your muscles. On top of that, you will be more hydrated. Good, right?
  • Decreases fatigue/increases endurance. You will see noticeable improvements in endurance training, increasing your anaerobic capacity.
  • Increased lean muscle mass. Key word here is lean. We all want to put on lean muscle and creatine monohydrate works hard to do just that. Numerous studies back up this result.

How much creatine should I be taking?

  • 5 grams. Lets not over-complicate things here. You don't really need to do a "loading phase" and you don't need to be taking any more than 5g a day regardless of your weight or muscle composition. If you're taking less than 3g, you won't be realizing the full benefits so be sure to take at least that much.

What kind of creatine should I be taking?

  • Again, don't over-complicate things. Creatine monohydrate is your go-to, won't fail you creatine. Creatine Nitrate, HCL, ehtyl-ester, etc. may claim to be the best kind but have failed to produce any evidence backing that up. Creatine monoyhdrate has stood strong for close to 50 years - don't try to fix what isn't broken and don't buy into the fads that other supplement companies will throw at you.


Notes: Be sure to drink plenty of water when supplementing creatine monohydrate. In general, individuals who work out should aim for around 90 oz a day at a minimum.

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