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Edge Fitness Performance

Performance Carbohydrates V2

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Supplement Fact


The best carbohydrate powder for increasing your performance.


20g of Cluster Dextrin®, a carb source that has proven to boost exercise endurance, accelerate performance, kick-start recovery post-workout, and circumvent cramping.*


Recommended use: Mix 1 scoop of Performance Carbohydrates V2 with a pre-workout, amino acids, electrolytes or protein before, during, or immediately following exercise. 

25 scoops per container.


*Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin and its Ergogenic Effects in Athletes: A Brief Review

Recommended Use

Mix 1 scoop of Performance Carbohydrates V2 with a pre-workout, amino acids, electrolytes or protein before, during, or immediately following exercise. 


When you identify the best ingredients, there’s no need to try to get complicated with it. EFP Performance Carbohydrates V2 uses what most consider to be the best powder carb source on the market, Cluster Dextrin. Cluster Dextrin acts quickly in your body and doesn’t cause stomach discomfort or spike your insulin levels like many other carbohydrate powders do.

EFP Performance Carbohydrates is unflavored, and is recommended to be mixed in with EFP Peak Amino + Hydration, Electrolytes, or a protein shake for optimal benefits

EFP Performance Carbohydrates is a game-changer when trying to increase your performance in training sessions and competition. When taken around training sessions, you will notice a higher performance capacity, an increased time to exhaustion, and accelerated muscle recovery.

EFP Performance Carbohydrates are best taken right before a training session for power output benefits, during a workout for endurance benefits, or right after for recovery benefits. You really can’t go wrong with any of those options.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Erick Friday
Best in the business

These are definitely a must have in my gym bag and everyday activities in life. I highly recommend getting some in unflavored so you can mix with your favorite EFP protein or BCAA.

Rob Wheeler
Carbohydrate Powder

The Carbohydrate powder arrived less than half full.

Hunter LePrell
Performance Carbs

Mixes well with preworkout, water, or juice! Helps keep the intensity rolling during a long workout.

Lisa Brandon
EFP Performance Carbohydrates

The Performance Carbs are a game changer! So easy. I just add to my pre workout shake and I’m ready to roll! Fast shipping and a personalized note in my order is just icing on the cake!

Must have for training!!

This product was a game changer for my training, and keeping a high intensity over the course a full session! I use it during & after I train, and it mixes well with any other supplements I need to consume at the same time!