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Edge Fitness Performance

EFP Whey Protein Isolate

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EFP Whey Protein Isolate is premium sourced 100% Whey Protein isolate designed to give you more protein per scoop, less lactose, and the best flavors you'll ever try.

With less lactose than whey protein concentrate, EFP whey protein isolate can be a great protein for those with a lactose intolerance.

Each scoop contains 27g of protein (chocolate peanut butter) or 25g (cookies n' cream) along with a full amino acids profile to maximize your protein intake.

EFP Whey Protein Isolate is rgBH free, ensuring the highest quality of protein available.

The best protein to help you reach your goals.

EFP Whey Protein Isolate is premium sourced, 100% whey protein isolate that delivers you the highest quality protein possible.

Whey Protein Isolate has less lactose, carbs and fats than whey protein concentrate and other sources, offering the leanest form of protein there is, and a great option for people with a lactose intolerance.

A whey protein that doesn't compromise on performance, quality or taste.

Mix one scoop of EFP Whey Protein Isolate with milk or water for the best protein shake of your life.

100% rbGH free to ensure the purest source of your whey protein.


Whey protein is designed to provide an easy solution for helping you meet your daily protein goals. Most people that work out require around 1g of protein per lb of body weight, and a great tasting whey protein can help you fill your dietary gaps. Whey Protein Isolate specifically is a fast-acting protein with less lactose than whey protein concentrate.

A common misconception is that you must take a protein shake immediately after working out. Most of the research shows that nutrient timing on protein is not a high priority unless you are consistently meeting your protein goals, and then it can make a small impact. Most importantly, try to mix in a protein shake on days when you need it, whenever it is most convenient for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Cooper
Great Product and Company

EFP is gonna take over the industry. Everything is amazing. Lime Sherbert PEAK and Cookies and Cream Whey are amazing. Thanks Jacob!

Stuart Gordon

EFP Whey Protein Isolate

Tyler Darden
Chocolate peanut butter

Best whey protein flavor I have ever tasted. EVER. Never changing whey again after this

Aaron Houchin
Great Taste!

Love the cookies and cream flavor! I add it to yogurt right before bed!