Supplement Review of EDGE Peak Pre-Workout

Supplement Review of EDGE Peak Pre-Workout

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Time to get the EDGE?



◦ a quality or factor that gives superiority over close rivals or competitors.
Today we dive into Edge Peak Pre-Workout to see if it does just that give us advantages over others. So let's go!
This supplement is a powder substance. Easy for you to scoop, drop & shake for a convenient experience when your in the go! No clumping or sandpaper taste.
The flavor is Strawberry Margarita.
Does it make me an alcoholic if my Pre-Workout is a margarita each morning? If so then oh well because this stuff is on point! The flavor is spot on not under sweetened or overly sweet. They truly found the happy medium here to provide you a refreshing drink each time.
Let’s take a look at the label.
- Serving size: 2 scoops which will give you 20 total servings in the container ehh not as much as most freaks would like.
- This formula incorporates the following list of main ingredients:
* Caffeine - 300 mg
* Beta Alanine - 3000 mg
* Taurine - 2000 mg
* Betaine Anhydrous - 2000 mg
* L-Arginine - 1500 mg
* Citrulline Malate - 7000 mg
* Beetroot extract - 500Mg
* CocOrganic Coconut Water - 500 Mg
* L-Theanine - 150Mg
* Black Pepper Extract - 5 Mg
- The dosing for each ingredient is just about right in my eyes. This supplement is dosed more for those weight lifters or CrossFitters?
How does this help your performance?
15 minutes after consuming you start to feel it kicking in & you are ready to roll! Definitely seen a great increase in energy & endurance to help with exhausting workouts. Let me tell you about those pumps you get from this they are top of the line for sure! Another plus is you stay super hydrated during & after your workouts with this.
Conclusion: The final verdict on EDGE is ...... You do get the advantage over the others & I would highly recommend this as an outstanding Pre that can stand up to some of the big brands on the market. I do want to thank Edge Fitness Performance for the chance to complete this review! So head over follow them on Instagram > ( ) & check out their products for yourself. I will be looking to work with them more in the future! Until then STAY AWESOME 🤙🏼


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