The new ingredient in Clutch Pre-Workout : PeakO₂®

The new ingredient in Clutch Pre-Workout : PeakO₂®

When we introduced our new and improved Clutch Pre-workout, we made a few significant changes - one being the addition of PeakO₂®. 

Here's what it is, why we added it and the incredible benefits it brings to the table:


PeakO₂® is a patented combination of 6 organic mushroom strains grown in the US. These mushroom strains are adaptogens, which allows the body to adapt to physical and mental stress. When used over time, this is a huge advantage in workouts when we constantly break down our muscles.

PeakO₂® is 100% USDA certified organic, vegan, all-natural, and non-GMO.

It also holds certifications from informed-choice and informed-sport, which certifies that supplements have zero banned substances and are safe for use by athletes.

Benefits shown from clinical studies:

  • Studies have shown an increase in power output (17.6% increase) when supplementing PeakO₂® consistently vs. those using a placebo (decrease of 11%).
  • In a 21 day cycling study, those supplementing with PeakO₂® improved their time to exhaustion by 70 seconds compared to 5 seconds with the placebo group. 
  • PeakO₂ improves the maximum volume of oxygen athletes can use over a period of time (VO₂ max) while helping them use that oxygen more efficiently. 


When we added this ingredient and altered our dosage of Beta-Alanine, we did so with the goal of giving you the best power and endurance supplement we can offer. We are beyond excited to see how you like this addition, and have already seen it work wonders with some of our athletes.


Information on clinical studies can be found here:

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