Week 3 of the Open is Here...Tips from Austin

Week 3 of the Open is here, and 19.3 is bringing the heat when it comes to gymnastic skills! Below we have a short breakdown of each movement, and how to tackle it depending on your fitness level.
DB overhead walking lunge:
  • KEEP MOVING. These are going to be taxing on your legs, but that should be about it. There is no rule dictating how often to switch arms so plan on switching often. Every 25 feet or so is a good idea to reduce time under tension. Getting through these as quickly as possible to build up time for yourself on the wall is your best bet.
DB step-ups
  • Basically the same strategy as the lunges. You can afford to do these quickly and get your heart rate up, because you’ll be able to slow down once you get to the HSPU. Again, switching hands often will help reduce fatigue and allow you to keep moving.
Strict HSPU
  • This will be the crux of the workout for 95% of athletes. This isn’t going to be revolutionary, but break them up into small, manageable sets EARLY. If you can start with a set of 10, cool. Start with a set of 5 and keep your rest breaks short. Doing 10 at the beginning means nothing if you’re going to have to end with 5 singles. You’ll lose all the time you built up, and you’ll be more fatigued. 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, or 5’s will be your best bet on this part with dedicated rest breaks for a predetermined period of time.
Handstand walk:
  • walk on your hands for 200 ft. No strategy for this one, either you can do it or you can’t. Try your best and have fun with it!
That’s a wrap on our tips for 19.3, guys. Go hard, and have fun with this one! If you use our products, make sure to take a picture and give us a shout out on Instagram.

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